“Cheyenne Birds” bird walk and book signing April 6

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is hosting a “Cheyenne Birds by the Month” bird walk and book signing April 6, 10 a.m. – noon, at the Gardens, 710 S. Lions Park Dr.

Join me, Barb Gorges, and the book’s photographer, Pete Arnold, as we take a short walk around the Gardens looking for birds with Pete’s camera and my spotting scope.

Books will be available for sale. See https://yuccaroadpress.com/. for other locations selling books. We’ve recently added the Pink Boutique at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Curt Gowdy State Park visitor center.

We are also excited to have the book featured in the April 2019 issue of Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Wyoming Wildlife magazine.

4 thoughts on ““Cheyenne Birds” bird walk and book signing April 6

  1. Thanks! I think more birders should consider micro-publishing books about their local birds. Our book was a popular Christmas gift and continues to sell to people who like birds and want to know more.

  2. Thanks! I’m finding this book project didn’t finish up when we picked up the first printing (50 books) at our local printer’s–there’s the marketing.
    But everyone gets excited about birds and bird books so it has been easy to sell it. See https://yuccaroadpress.com/ for the list of kinds of local shops (most of them not bookstores) interested in carrying a local bird book.
    We’ve done several more, larger printings since October 2018, with most of the books selling locally… except for a few orders from cousins living out of state….
    We finally uploaded the book to IngramSpark last month and now it is on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. However, if people order from the University of Wyoming bookstore or the Wyoming Game and Fish Department store websites, part of each book’s price comes back to them–and a larger share to the author and photographer than through Amazon or B&N!
    Most people report they buy the book for the photos, so they can match them up with what they see. Maybe they’ll read the book someday! Getting people excited about birds is our main objective. So far, so good.

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