I’m Barb Gorges. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have been writing the “Bird Banter” column freelance for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, the local paper, since 1999. Please see information at the “Note to Editors and Borrowers” page on this website.

My husband Mark and I have been active Audubon chapter members for 37 years, and since 1989, with the Cheyenne – High Plains Audubon Society. In 1999, WTE Outdoors editor Bill Gruber asked if I’d like to write a bird column. Thanks, Bill! And thanks to all of the other Outdoors and Features editors that have kept me writing: Ty Stockton, Cara Eastwood Baldwin, Shauna Stephenson, Kevin Wingert, Jodi Rogstad and Josh Rhoten. Ellen Fike is currently editing the features section.

This blog is an archive of columns I’ve written plus other, closely related articles. My garden column archives are at www.CheyenneGardenGossip.wordpress.com.  While topics are listed in a sidebar, feel free to use the Search function to see what I’ve written on say, a particular bird species. After typing in your term, hit your “enter” key. If you are reading this on a smart phone, you may find the topics and search box below this text.

I started archiving the columns online in 2014, interspersing them with the newest columns. So there’s the post date for each, but it often isn’t close to the stated original publication date. Where necessary, I’ve added updates on topics.  When I caught up in 2015, I started posting the series, “Bird of the Week” (in conjunction with photographer Pete Arnold) and Roadside Attractions, in between monthly bird columns. Now I’m caught up.

In the paper the column is not usually illustrated with photos–except sometimes with my smiling face (that’s how total strangers know it’s me at the grocery store and so they stop to ask a bird question). The photos here are primarily to help you find the beginning of each column as you scroll. Some are my own photos and credit is given for the rest.

Like any columnist, I have an agenda: to help more people appreciate and advocate for birds. Biologist and biodiversity definer Thomas Lovejoy was quoted recently in literature about the Year of the Bird, “If you take care of birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems in the world.”

Happy birding,

Barb Gorges

August 13, 2019

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