Note to Editors and Borrowers

I have 3  requirements and 1 option for you for republishing my writing from this website:

  1. Required: My byline, “By Barb Gorges,” must be at the top of the story. Please credit all photos used the way they appear on the website.
  2. Required: My “signature” or tagline must include this website address–see below for a sample.
  3. Required: Send me a link to your republication of my article to I will add it to the blog post of that article. If you republished in print only, send me the name of your publication and date published.
  4. Donation Option: While I have an indulgent patron who provides a roof over my head, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle is no longer paying freelance writers. Donations to my research fund to pay for subscriptions and books would be appreciated. I’ll be happy to start a page listing donors. Maybe $5 per article or $60 per year? Contact me at to make arrangements.

Sample signature: 

Cheyenne, Wyoming, birdwatcher Barb Gorges invites readers to share their bird sightings and stories. Email Her bird columns are archived at her blog,


Columns written between 1999 and 2014 were updated with notes at the beginning of each in 2014 and 2015 as they were uploaded. In the case of volatile subjects like sage-grouse, search for the latest post. Don’t hesitate to contact me about updating a column.